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As Africa’s emerging economies delve deeper into the adoption of cutting-edge global technologies, the need for robust data security—especially in the face of both virtual and physical threats—becomes increasingly critical. HyperTech specializes in crafting secure and resilient data center solutions, serving both as primary and disaster recovery (DR) facilities.
Leveraging our technological prowess and environmental management skills, we offer two key services: secure data storage on behalf of our clients or equipping clients with resource-abundant data centers. Whether you require a comprehensive IT solution or targeted enhancements to your existing systems, we possess the expertise to deliver.
As a premier IT solutions provider, HyperTech proudly partners with global industry leaders such as Cisco, VMWare, EMC, Oracle, Citrix, and Microsoft. The data centers we establish come standard with backup and DR capabilities. We proactively monitor for threats, ensuring that your DR systems can be activated immediately if needed. In emergency situations where access to all or parts of your organization’s sites becomes restricted or denied, our DR centers are equipped to activate and restore data instantaneously from replicated sources.


Data Centers

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