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The best mobile endpoint protection platform for running security-minded organizations.
Cellular Communication is serving enterprises and government in every aspect today. Consisting delicate information, HyperTech is providing end to end secured cellular communication solution. It is based on robust secured handsets or apps to be installed on the existing phones with capabilities to monitor and block traffics. Please contact us for demo.


Private and Secured Cellular Communication

Heavily secured. Ordinary look. Inexpensive.
Best-of-all-worlds security solution for everyday mobile essentials:

  • Fends off voice and data interception.
  • Protects against IMSI Catchers.
  • Locks-out physical data extraction.
  • Dismantles malicious apps threats.
  • Blocks Wi-Fi & network MITM attacks.
  • Eliminates Trojan & Malware injection.
  • Protects against careless use.
  • Deploys locked-down network.


  • Hardened Device:
    Fully trusted devices with built-in security running on reliable bootloader and drivers.
  • Custom-Built OS:
    Purpose-built privacy by custom OS with security-rich kernel enhancements.
  • Command & Control:
    Fused central governance with unique security measures to control, track, monitor and alert against cyber threats.
  • Secured Communications:
    Encrypted voice and messaging, push-to-talk & secured attachments on any AndroidTM or iOS device.
  • Security Apps:
    Diverse powerful suite of security tools including threat detection, antimalware and network monitoring.
  • Performance Assurance:
    Built –in remote control technology & self-troubleshooting app enable remediation & productivity.

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